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Ms. Anna Yin, President of Council Members of Scott Cao cultural heritage foundation, won the title of "Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Culture Ambassador" and Pageant

Posted on 8/17/2022, 3:31:50 AM


On August 13, 2022, Western time, Ms. Anna Yin, President of Council Members of Scott Cao cultural heritage foundation, was invited to attend the 37th Miss Asian Global & miss Asian America competition held at the theater of the Art Museum of San Francisco, California, USA. she won the title of Miss Asia Fashion Culture Ambassador and served as the cultural dress judge of the competition. On that day, 20 representatives from all over the world stepped onto the stage. In addition to the charm of the red carpet, the newly crowned young Asian women are preparing to bring changes to the world.


As one of the outstanding female representatives in the San Francisco Bay area, Ms. Anna Yin has made outstanding achievements in leadership, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. The San Francisco municipal government awarded her the honorary certificate of cultural ambassador to thank her for her outstanding service and contribution to the community.


Since 1985, the Miss Asian Global Pageant celebrates impactful Asian women representing a wide range of industries. The Pageant provides scholarships, mentorship, and networking opportunities for these young women leading in their community and careers. The event is presented by the Asian America Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to the personal and professional growth of Asian women. The success of the Pageant reflects the dedication of 200+ volunteers and support of the community.


Founded by Rose Chung, the Miss Asian America Pageant has been the premier event in Asian American community for the past two decades and the longest running Asian American pageant in the United States. From our humble beginnings in 1985 with the Asian American Arts Festival, our event has expanded to an internationally recognized event with regional competitions nationwide.


Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation is to promote Sino-US cultural exchange and cooperation between the two peoples and all other people in the world. It will devote itself to the inheritance and growth of the world's traditional culture by supporting local cultural development and innovation and enriching cultural life for people from different ethnic backgrounds in the United States.