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Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation


Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation (SCCHF) is a nonprofit organization formed in compliance with relevant Californian and federal laws in January 2022 in San Francisco Bay Area, co-founded by the worldly famous violin-making master Mr.Scott Cao as the Honorary Lifetime Chairman, Mrs. Kitty Y Liao as the director of the board, Dr.Cindy Cui as CEO.

The mission of the Foundation is to promote Sino-US cultural exchange and cooperation between the two peoples and all other people in the world. It will devote itself to the inheritance and growth of the world's traditional culture by supporting local cultural development and innovation and enriching cultural life for people from different ethnic backgrounds in the United States.

The Foundation will organize various cultural events, including musical performances, literature salons, art and photography exhibitions. We provide chances for artists, musicians, writers, and photographers to display their works and talent. It will create a harmonious atmosphere for cultural communication and add fresh ingredients to traditional culture to make it more dynamic and vigorous.