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Mr. Scott Cao 《Half Life Violin Love》New Book Signing Ceremony & Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation Founding Ceremony

Posted on 4/18/2022, 3:28:29 AM


On March 20, 2022 US west time, the signing conference of Mr. Cao Shukun's new book "half life Qin fate" and the Establishment Ceremony of Cao Shukun cultural heritage foundation were grandly held in the launching pad multi-function hall of the new Silicon Valley offshore development center in the San Francisco Bay area. More than 200 representatives from political, academic, literary and artistic circles, business circles, non-profit organizations and other institutions in the bay area attended the event to witness this important historical moment.

Mr. Liu Huangtian, a famous essayist, praised the event:

Among the activities of the same type, Mr. Cao Shukun's new book press conference on March 20 is the one with the largest number of participants in the San Francisco Bay area, the richest and most advanced programs, the best link connection, and the best overall and details, which can be recorded in the history of immigrant culture.

The Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, dignitaries, entrepreneurs, artists and other institutions and individuals sent congratulatory letters and videos one after another, praising Mr. Cao Shukun for his outstanding contributions in the field of art and culture and full of recognition and expectation for the establishment and development of Cao Shukun Cultural Heritage Foundation. At the same time, I wish the activity a complete success.