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Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation donated to support the public welfare online culture and art immersion summer camp of American Chinese youth performing art foundation (ACYPA) and successfully held

Posted on 8/17/2022, 3:18:52 AM


In order to enable the Chinese youth in the world to more actively understand and learn Chinese culture and the diversified arts of all ethnic groups, build an ecological environment of inclusive and harmonious coexistence of world cultures, and cultivate the leadership of young people, the American Chinese youth performing art foundation (ACYPA) held a two-week public welfare Online cultural and art immersion summer camp from August 1 to August 12, Pacific time.


In the summer camp, the students followed 12 top masters to roam in the ocean of music, art, dance, recitation, etc., and the three most brilliant young men and women in the bay area accompanied them to learn Chinese culture and explore various arts. The summer camp also selects spokespersons and small stars for next year's Spring Festival Gala and anniversary celebration!


Dr. Cindy Cui, CEO of Scott Cao cultural heritage foundation, was invited to deliver a speech at the closing ceremony on August 12. She donated $1000 on behalf of the foundation and congratulated the camp on its success! Thank the American Chinese youth performing art foundation (ACYPA) for building a bridge of communication and understanding between Chinese and American youth. The Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation will also continue to strengthen communication and interaction with the United States and global organizations, as always, support global cultural exchanges and cooperation, inherit and develop world traditional culture and art, especially support local art development, promote cultural innovation, and maintain and enrich the multi-ethnic and multicultural life in the United States.