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"When East Meets West Concert" was successfully concluded in San Francisco, USA

Posted on 9/1/2022, 9:54:49 AM


On the afternoon of August 28, 2022, the "When East Meets West Concert" jointly organized by Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation and San Francisco General library was held in San Francisco General Library. Mr. Cao Shukun, the lifelong honorary chairman of the Cultural Heritage Foundation and the world famous Viola maker, joined hands with 30 professional and amateur musicians and musicians of Chinese and western music to bring a music feast of passion collision and mixing of Chinese and Western instruments to the audience. This is a gathering of music lovers who are committed to promoting and developing the exchange of Chinese and western music culture. All Chinese and Western musical instruments, such as violin, Viola, cello, double cello, bassoon, Xiao, flute, guqin, guzheng, pipa, erhu, Gaohu, Jinghu, Yangqin, zhongruan, Qin Qin, etc., are presented.