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Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation's main team attended the promotion meeting of the Chinese Food Cooking Center to support the inheritance and development of Chinese food culture

Posted on 9/19/2022, 9:33:58 AM


On the evening of September 14, PST, more than 50 celebrities from the catering, investment, literary and commercial circles gathered to celebrate and support the establishment of the Chinese Food Cooking Center that is about to enter the China Institute. The promotion meeting of China Food Cooking Center was co sponsored by Ms. YUE-SAI KAN, the founder of Yuxi Cosmetics Co., Ltd., a world famous TV person, and the co chairman of Huamei, Ms. Sophia Sheng, a member of Huamei's Board of Directors, and Mr. Hank Wuh. The main founding team members of the Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation: Mr. Cao Shukun, the Honorary Lifetime Chairman, Ms. Kitty Y Liao, the director of the board, Dr. Cindy Cui, CEO, and Ms. Anna Yin, the President of Council Members, attended the public welfare fundraising party. On that night, stars gathered and new and old friends shared their blessings, contributing to the inheritance and development of Chinese food culture and traditional culture.


In her opening speech, Ms. YUE-SAI KAN said that the China Institute is a learning center for people who love Chinese culture and art in New York and around the world. It is famous for its high-quality exhibitions and related art education projects. She also thanked the guests present for their attention to Sino US cultural exchanges and their unremitting efforts to inherit and carry forward Chinese culture.


As Yan Wenda, a famous American chef of Chinese cuisine and host of cooking TV program, said that dinner is a bridge. When we share a good time at the same table, it is also a cultural and spiritual exchange. According to Ms. Sophia Sheng, the Chinese Food Cooking Center will focus on Chinese food and make it known to more people through Chinese food culture and traditional art through food as a medium. At the same time, it will help local Chinese food enterprises affected by the epidemic to improve public awareness and understanding of high-quality Chinese food. The center uses Chinese food as a bridge to connect the people of China and the United States and promote cultural exchanges between the two countries. At the same time, as a new window, let more people understand the culture and life of modern China.


During the activity, Dr. Cindy Cui participated in the auction on behalf of the Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation, donated $9166 to charity, and supported the donation of two boxes of Kaman red wine customized by YUE-SAI KAN which was collected at the auction price of $2000 for a box of red wine on the spot. All the money will be used to support the inheritance and development of the long history and profound Chinese food culture. Since its establishment, the Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation has been committed to promoting the exchange and cooperation of folk culture between the United States and China and even the world, inheriting and developing the world's traditional culture and art, especially supporting the development of local art, promoting cultural innovation, and maintaining and enriching the multi-ethnic and multicultural life in the United States.


Everyone pushed the activity to a climax again and again in singing and laughing, and the recommendation meeting ended in a warm atmosphere. It is expected that the construction of the food cooking center will be basically completed by the end of this year, and will be available to the public in April next year.