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Congratulate Mr. Cao Shukun, Honorary Lifetime Chairman of Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation, on winning the 70th Outstanding Overseas Chinese Honorees ! You deserve it!

Posted on 9/20/2022, 7:30:39 AM

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On September 17, US time, the press conference of the 70th Overseas Chinese Festival Award Ceremony for Distinguished Chinese, jointly hosted by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association and CCWA, was held in the General Hall of China. Mr. Scott Cao, Honorary Lifetime Chairman of Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation, was elected to the 70th Outstanding Chinese Award. This year, six outstanding Chinese were born out of more than 10 candidates through strict review procedures, and the other five outstanding Chinese were:Darlene Chiu Bryant,Connie Chan,Ben He,Marks Lam,Jade Wu.

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In October this year, the 70th Overseas Chinese Festival will be held in Chinatown, San Francisco. Since its establishment in 1952, the festival has become one of the indispensable festivals in Chinatown. The annual celebration of the Overseas Chinese Day for overseas Chinese is also the award ceremony day jointly held by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association and CCWA for outstanding Chinese, which has become an indelible milestone. Since the event was held, a large number of outstanding overseas Chinese have emerged in various fields in the past 23 years.


Mr. Scott Cao is recognized as one of the best and most well-known Chinese violin maker in the world. His violin has been praised, used and collected by many famous international and domestic violinists. For many years, he is the only master violin maker selected as an Asian on Wikipedia. Among his colleagues of Chinese descent, he is the most well-known and influential, the undoubted number one iconic figure.During the poetry creation, he created new ideas and translated all or part of dozens of Chinese classics including "Yi Jing”, “Dao De Jing", "Sun Zi Bing Fa” and other dozens of Chinese classics to make the essence easy to understand and also catchy and easy to remember. It is unprecedented.


The six outstanding Chinese winners this year come from different fields, including successful entrepreneurs, artists, outstanding social workers and elected officials. They are legends of the business world, elites and leaders of social networking. They use their hard work experience to write their own touching stories. The organizers hope that by praising them, they can encourage the younger generation to work hard and let more and more Chinese go out of the circle of the Chinese community and into the mainstream society.


As a practitioner and promoter of East West cultural exchanges, Mr. Cao Shukun has been committed to cultural inheritance, dissemination and innovation for a long time. In January 2022, he, Ms. Kitty Y Liao and Dr. Cindy Cui jointly initiated the establishment of a non-profit organization [Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation] in the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States in accordance with relevant federal and California laws, Mr.Scott Cao as the Honorary Lifetime Chairman, Mrs. Kitty Y Liao as the director of the board, Dr.Cindy Cui as CEO.


The award ceremony to celebrate the 70th Overseas Chinese Day in recognition of outstanding Chinese will be held at 11:30 p.m. on October 15 (Saturday) at the Kangnian Seafood Restaurant, Duban Street, Chinatown, San Francisco. Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation supports and wishes the 70th Overseas Chinese Festival and the 23rd Outstanding Chinese Award Ceremony a complete success.