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Congratulate Galaxy EducationX on its documentary short film "Little People and Big Dreams", which interviewed Cao Shukun and his wife, won the Best Documentary Short Film Award at the San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival!

Posted on 11/8/2022, 8:16:54 AM


On October 30, 2022, PST, at the San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival SFNCFF Award Ceremony, produced by Galaxy EducationX, interviewed Cao Shukun, a world-famous piano maker, and his wife's documentary short film "Big Dream of Small People", and won the best documentary short film award!



Mr. Cao Shukun, the protagonist of Little People and Big Dreams, is one of the famous violin makers in the contemporary world. "High quality violin timbre" has made Master Cao famous in the violin industry. Yuyao Jiang, a 15 year old young actor from Galaxy EducationX, as the host, visited Mr. Cao's and his wife's mansion and violin studio, and through face-to-face communication, he opened Mr. Cao's "half life fate". From China to the United States, Mr. Cao described the zigzag process of "craftsmanship" of piano making from breeding, cultivation, prosperity, maturity to harvest. From this, we can see how a Chinese craftsman who constantly strives for self-improvement works hard, reflects on setbacks, and moves towards perfection in success. At the same time, it also shows how to combine the diligence of Chinese people with the science of Westerners to create the "best new piano in the world" that can compete with the European classical ancient piano, and shape the personality and quality of the "modern craftsman" with sweat and wisdom. He and his wife, Miss Kitty Y Liao, have been close to each other all the way, supporting and achieving each other in family and career, which has also deeply infected us.



Mr. Cao Shukun, Ms. Kitty Y Liao, the leading actor of the film, Ms. Jiang Yuyao, the producer and director, and Ms. Lucy Wang, the editor of the film, attended the award ceremony and gathered with outstanding film talents from all over the world. At the award ceremony, Mr. Cao Shukun took the trophy from the award-winning guest, Ms. Joanna Jia, President of the Universal International Film Festival in San Francisco.


Mr. Scott Cao is recognized as one of the best and most well-known Chinese violin maker in the world. His violin has been praised, used and collected by many famous international and domestic violinists. For many years, he is the only master violin maker selected as an Asian on Wikipedia. Among his colleagues of Chinese descent, he is the most well-known and influential, the undoubted number one iconic figure.During the poetry creation, he created new ideas and translated all or part of dozens of Chinese classics including "Yi Jing”, “Dao De Jing", "Sun Zi Bing Fa” and other dozens of Chinese classics to make the essence easy to understand and also catchy and easy to remember. It is unprecedented.



As a cultural envoy, in 2022, Mr. Cao Shukun, Ms. Kitty Y Liao and Dr. Cindy Cui jointly initiated the creation of the Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation, aiming to promote the exchange and cooperation of folk culture between the United States and China and even the world, inherit and develop the world's traditional culture and art, especially to support local art development and promote cultural innovation, Maintain and enrich the multi-ethnic and multicultural life in the United States.



Thanks to the chief creative team of Galaxy EducationX and Cao Shukun and his wife for bringing us excellent short films. In the future, Galaxy X and Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation will continue to work together in the fields of drama, education and other cultural and artistic fields, offer more high-quality excellent literary and artistic works, cooperate with more organizations and platforms, meet friends through literature and exchange, and continuously contribute to the development of cultural undertakings.