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Finance, Art and Life Sharing Conference was successfully held in San Francisco Bay Area

Posted on 11/8/2022, 9:11:28 AM


On November 5, 2022, Western Time, the "Finance, Art and Life" Sharing Conference, co sponsored by Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation, Galaxy EducationX, 9 Fortunes, US-SINO CULTURE EXPERIENCE CONSORTIUM and the International Ladies Charity Federation, was successfully held in the Galaxy New Valley Theatre in the San Francisco Bay Area.



As time goes by, we have reached the winter of 2022 in the midst of busyness. This year, for many people, we are still forging ahead in their work posts. In the spring tide, we have braved the wind and waves. "Finance, Art and Life" borrows the creation concept of the documentary short film "Big Dream of Small People", which was just won the Best Documentary Short Film Award at the Ninth San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival. The documentary short film "Big Dream of Small People" produced by Galaxy EducationX interviewed Cao Shukun, a world-famous piano maker, and his wife, Share with the audience how they embarked on their own successful path to show their creativity, forge ahead and explore the spirit of innovation. Let dreams plant the seeds of hope, so that everyone can bloom on their own life path.


Master Scott Cao Shukun shared his unforgettable experience in violin making with all the people present. He and his wife, Lady Kitty Y Liao, had a lifelong relationship with violin.


Mr. Kansen Chu, a former California Congressman, shared aspects of Chinese education in the United States. Chinese filial piety made the audience feel the significance of Chinese virtues.


Ms. Joanna Jia, the president of the Universal International Film Festival in San Francisco, the global executive president of international celebrities, and the vice president of the American Academy of International Culture and Sciences, shared her dream of clothing.


From 2020 to 2021, Mr. Teddy Fang, the US champion of "National Life Insurance" and senior retirement and pension planner of "The Shortcut to Abundant Pension", told about his own road to success and shared the importance of encouraging children's dreams to success.


Mr. Wanxiang Chen , a famous painter and president of the American Chinese Culture Promotion Association, led the audience into his painting world, shared his painting story and his origin with traditional Chinese painting.


On the day of the activity, the guests brought wonderful performances. The audience was immersed in the sea of joy with the pleasant musical instrument playing, the singing, the wonderful dance, and the dynamic catwalk.


Thank the volunteers for their full support and hard work!

The activity of that night, whether it was the sharing of guests or the wonderful performance, won the unanimous praise of the audience. The sponsor hopes to get wide attention from colleagues from all walks of life and build a good communication platform by gathering scholars from art, finance, education and other fields. So that all people can gather more powerful forces and work together for win-win results.