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Mr. Scott Cao, Honorary Lifetime Chairman of Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation and an internationally famous violin making master, led the students to win three awards in the 24th International Violin Making Competition

Posted on 11/21/2022, 2:02:37 AM


On November 17, 2022, the 24th International Violin Making Competition held by the American Violin Association was held at the Hyatt Hotel in Los Angeles. Led by Mr. Scott Cao, Honorary Lifetime Chairman of Cao Shukun Cultural Heritage Foundation and an international famous master of violin making, a group of outstanding disciples won the "Award of Excellence in Violin Tone", "Award of Excellence in Viola Tone" and "Award of Excellence in Quartet Violin" in this competition.The winners are Mai Junqiu and Mai Jiansheng from Scott Cao Violins in the United States and Wang Yan from China.


The competition was delayed for four years due to the epidemic, and everyone worked hard to make the best entries. Therefore, both the number of entries and the quality of entries are unprecedented and the competition is very fierce. The number of participants this time is close to 300, and there are more than 900 entries. There are violin, viola, cello, quartet and their bows. The scale and number of competitions are the most in the same category.


Scott Cao Violins, as always, has won outstanding achievements in sound for 12 consecutive times in the competitive environment of high level players, and has been praised as the winner of the Sound Award by the industry. It proves once again that Scott Cao Violins is not only ahead of China in terms of sound production, but also has a place in this field internationally. It has won great attention and praise.