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Warmly congratulate Zoe Yip, nominated by Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation, on winning the title of Miss Sing Tao Goodwill in 2022

Posted on 12/26/2022, 2:36:56 AM

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The 2022 Miss Sing Tao Goodwill pageant ended on the evening of December 18. After a fierce competition all night, 11 versatile cover ladies announced the results at around 11:00 that evening. Zoe Yip, 16, nominated and supported by the Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation, and Selena Jiang, 16, won the title of Miss Sing Tao Goodwill in 2022 and the second place. Zoe Yip, who is both talented and beautiful, also won the title of Miss Talent with her wonderful performance of zither.

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