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The "Eastern and Western Music, Poetic Songs and Feelings" New Year Concert of the Rabbit hosted by Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation was successfully held in San Francisco, USA!

Posted on 2/16/2023, 4:14:38 AM


At 1:00 p.m. on February 12, 2023, the "When Poems Rhyme with Music" Spring Festival Concert jointly sponsored by Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation and San Francisco Main Library was successfully held in the San Francisco Main Library koret auditorium. Members of the Music Club of Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation brought a colorful and poetic concert to the audience on the occasion of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit. Displaying Chinese music in a variety of cultures, and reflecting the integration of Chinese and Western music styles, especially the collision and blending of traditional Chinese instrumental music and western musical instruments, and the perfect combination of song singing and Chinese and Western bands, presented a wonderful audio-visual feast for the audience!


A large number of politicians, entrepreneurs, scholars and other guests, as well as local community audiences and media, attended the concert. The concert hall was full of guests.

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Concert Highlights

1. Mr. Scott Cao, a world-famous violin maker, will be joining hands with dozens of musicians of all levels, as well as those specializing in Chinese and Western music residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

2. The colorful and poetic juxtaposition and integration of well-known Chinese and Western music, instruments, music, songs, operas, poem recitations and other forms of art.

3. Featuring on stage excellent artists of all ethnic groups and professions, including but not limited to senior musicians, singing competition champions, and the second place winner of Miss Sing Tao Goodwill in 2022. You can’t miss this luxury lineup!

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The concert shows Chinese culture to the mainstream American society in the form of music, dance, opera, recitation and other artistic forms, with rich forms, especially the original music works and poetry performances written and composed by the internationally famous piano maker Mr. Cao Shukun, which are full of strong cultural charm. The classical and famous Chinese and Western classical music and popular music performed in the concert are either grand, exciting and shocking, or affectionate and hearty. Through the platform of the New Year Concert of the Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation, the excellent oriental culture and western culture are integrated, and the communities of all ethnic groups are united.


The concert was conducted by Mr. Xiaoming He, a famous conductor in the San Francisco Bay Area; Ms. Sue Huang and Mr. Paul Qian, the gold medal host partner of the Bay Area, co-hosted in both Chinese and English.


String Ensemble: The Evening Primrose, Scent of a Woman, Four Seasons-Spring of Vivaldi

Musicians:Hongying Ho, Ying Zhao, Susan Shi, Scott Cao, Ken Li, Jane Kuang, Gina Vitanza, Alisha Luo, Yue Xu, Jiahui Mai, Jiaming Mai


Violin Solo: Capricious

Musician:Hongying Ho



Bamboo Flute solo: Spring embracing Xiang Jiang River

Musician:Zhuoming Xu



Contemporary dance Solo

Performer:Selena Jiang(Miss Sing Tao Goodwill runner-up in 2022)



Guzheng & Pipa duet:You shall be a tough man

Musicians:Anita Li, Zoe Yip(Sing Tao Miss Goodwill Champion in 2022)



Cantonese music

Musicians:David Wong, Zhuoming Xu, Scott Cao, Anita Li, Sheldon Yuan, Jane Kuang, Jun-Tian Du, Haijun Jiang, Buck Hing Chin, Ping Huang, Valerie Samson



Poetry recitation

Performes:Sue Huang, Paul Qian


Vocal solo: Autumn chant, Drinking a Toast

Vocalist:Yonghong Li



Soprano Solo: The Moon Represents My Heart

Vocalist:Morgan Harrington



Cantonese opera duet: Butterfly lovers

Vocalist:Xiaobo He, Shufen Zhou



Chinese and Western Music Ensemble: Joy of Spring, Joyful, Drought Thunder

Musicians:Ying Zhao, Susan Shi, Scott Cao, Ken Li ,Jane Kuang, Jiaming Mai, Jiahui Mai, David Wong, Zhuoming Xu, Anita Li, Sheldon Yuan, Haijun Jiang, Valerie Samson, Gina Vitanza, Alisha Luo, Yue Xu, Zoe Yip, Jia Li


A series of classic tunes, which are exciting and colorful, and the audience cheered like thunder. The performance of the Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation Music Club is in harmony with these well-known Chinese folk music and famous tunes. The Chinese and western classical works complement each other, presenting a new spring festival feast of cultural and cultural integration.


The success of the concert depends on the trust and support of every donor and partner; Without the professionalism and focus of every staff member; Without the participation and contribution of every volunteer; Without the understanding and recognition of every friend; Without the enthusiasm and encouragement of every audience.

Special Thanks 


Main creative team

Producers:Scott Cao, Cindy Cui, Kitty Y Liao, Hai-Qing Chen             

Stage Manager:Cindy Cui, Lucy Wang, Kitty Y Liao

Conductor:Xiaoming He   

MC: Sue Huang, Paul Qian

Guest MC:Scott Cao

Performance team (in no particular order)

Xiaoming He, Sue Huang, Paul Qian, Hong Ying Ho, Ying Zhao, Susan Shi, Scott Shu-Kun Cao, Ken Li, Jane K Lo, Gina Vitanza, Alisha Luo, Deborah Lew, Kelly Mai, Crystal Mai, Zhuoming Xu, Yuyao Jiang, Zoe Yip, Anita Li, David Wong, Sheldon Yuan, Jun tian Du, Haijun jiang, Buck Hing Chin, Binh Huynh, Valerie Samson, Lorraine Yong Hong Li, Morgan Harrington, Xiaobo He, Shufen Zhou, Kevin Lee.   

Volunteer team (in no particular order)

Alice Mackrodt, Kristine Chen, Fang Chen, Emily Huang, Wallis Tam, Linna Chan, Melissa Kwong, Mike Kwong, Sam Ho, Michelle Ho, Christina Lau, Xiaowen Chen, Elaine Sin, Kelly Huang.

Sponsors and individuals

Scott Cao Violins Inc.,9 Fortunes九鑫聯盟,許氏花旗參,伊力臣藥業有限公司,矽谷國際創新獅子會,Nani Mau Garden,東華醫院,朱感生伉儷,何孔華女士,東方事務所(張健伉儷、陳方伉儷),銀河少兒劇團和銀河新穀新小劇場Galaxy,傲多國際碧波庭,何華斌先生,明華印刷公司,鑫宇金融管理公司,美中文化促進會,鄭其女士,Stage One Music Center,曹樹堃文化傳承基金義工隊,Tammy Tan、Ken Ho,Susan Wang房地產經紀,學生聯合會,美西河南商會,星辰傢俱,李彬先生,Scott Cao Violin Retail Shop,海外炎黃子孫拜祖大典,加州大學-矽谷、Dura公司,Bing Wang,北加州廣府人聯誼總會,星島日報,龍國柱先生,姿麗纖體美容中心,國際名媛慈善聯盟,美國星聚傳媒,“清真老北京餐廳” 楊旭群、王楓,食物贊助:Dandy’s,Lily Zhang。


Ms. Kitty Y Liao, Chairman of the Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation, presented flowers and awards to performers and volunteers. Thank you for your active participation and selfless dedication. Dr. Cindy Cui, CEO of Scott Cao Cultural Heritage Foundation, delivered a speech, thanked all the guests and staff present for their hard work, and shared with you the achievements of the foundation in the first year of its establishment and the work prospects for the new year.


After the performance, the audience was still full of emotion and stood up to pay tribute to the performers on the stage. The applause lasted for a long time. Everyone's passion was also ignited, and they stepped onto the stage and took photos with the artists. The concert ended in a warm interactive atmosphere. So far, the concert has come to a successful conclusion.